What is the Haida Gwaii Management Council?
The Haida Gwaii Management Council (HGMC) forms part of the decision making framework outlined in the Kunst'aa guu Kunst'aayah Reconciliation Protocol. It was convened in 2011 by the Haida Nation and the Province of BC to create a more productive relationship through a joint decision making process, resulting in a more respectful approach to land and natural resource management on Haida Gwaii. The HGMC has the authority to make joint determinations related a specific set of strategic land and resource decision types.and resource decision types.

Who are the members?
See members here.

How are HGMC members selected?
Through a process of consultation, the Haida Nation selects two representatives as members, BC selects two representatives as members, and the Haida Nation and BC jointly select a Chairperson.

How long are their terms?
The member appointments have a term of two years, unless otherwise discussed by the Parties, commencing on the effective date of the appointment. Members who have completed their first term are eligible for re-appointment for two further terms, to a maximum of six consecutive years. The term of appointment for the Chairperson is two years, commencing on the date of appointment. Upon completion of the first term, the Chair is eligible for re-appointment for two further terms, to a maximum of six years.

What are the member's responsibilities?
Members of the HGMC have the authority to make high-level, strategic management decisions in specific land and resource areas (see questions below for details). Decisions of the HGMC are by consensus. In the event consensus is not reached, a deciding vote is cast by the Chairperson.

What are the neutral Chairperson's responsibilities?
The Chairperson may observe, but not participate in, deliberations of the members of the HGMC. In the case of a tie vote of the members of the HGMC, the Chair will be called upon to cast the deciding vote, and will review all relevant considerations, including the expressed interests of both Parties. In choosing one of the options presented, the Chair will seek to make the best decision possible, regarding the management of lands and natural resources on Haida Gwaii.

Where does the HGMC receive its authority?
The HGMC receives its authority through the KaayGuu Ga ga Kyah ts'as -- Gin 'inaas 'laas 'waadluwaan gud tl'a gud giidaa (Stewardship Law) Haida Kaay Guu Ga ga Kyah ts'as – Gin 'inaas 'laas'waadluwaan gud tl'a gud giidaa (Stewardship Law) and the Provincial Haida Gwaii Reconciliation Act. Additionally, and in respect of procedural matters, the HGMC is also accountable to the Parties and to the public, to act in accordance with the Terms of Reference, and Policies and Procedures.

What are the HGMC's current areas of Authority for Decision Making?
a) Establishment, implementation and amendment of the Land Use Objectives
b) Determination and approval of the Allowable Annual cut for Haida Gwaii
c) Approval of management plans for protected areas
d) Developing policies and standards for the identification and conservation of heritage sites

The Kunst'aa guu Kunst'aayah Reconciliation Protocol also give the HGMC the authority to Implement and amend the Haida Gwaii Strategic Land Use Agreement

What other responsibilities does the HGMC have?
a) Develop a new Haida Gwaii Forestry Management Strategy
b) Monitoring and Review of the Decision Making Framework
c) Identification of Policy Issues
d) Other Strategic Level Management identified by the Haida Nation and B.C.

Will other areas of Authority be added?
Yes. In the Kunst'aa guu Kunst'aayah Reconciliation Protocol, the areas of authority listed above are considered as incremental steps by the Haida Nation and BC.

How can I find out more information?
Contact the HGMC administration office at:
E-mail - admin@haidagwaiimanagementcouncil.ca